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Doyles Room
  • Play against Doyle Brunson
  • Pick up Super System 2
  • 35% cash match
  • Plenty of big limit action
Doyles Room is the fast growing poker room, managed by the poker legends Doyle Brunson and Mike Caro.
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Regular Bonus $100 $135
Regular Deposit 20% 35%
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No free cash match deposit code is required for Doyles Room if you sign up using links on Holdemback.
Other Bonuses and Promotions

A $135 sign up bonus is available, as a 35% match on your initial deposit, or you can chose to receive a copy of Super System 2.

After you join up, Doyles Room offers a lot of nice promotions to keep you happy, including a player reward points known as Action Points, Bounty events played by Doyle Brunson himself, and $50,000 guarantees every two weeks.

Download size Approx 5.5 MB
System Requirements

Deposit options:
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Limits and Rake

With rakes running from $1 caps to $3 caps at an industry standard 5%,  Doyles Room won't take any more money out of the pot than most of the other poker rooms. With their "No Flop, No Drop" policy they might even take less; if you take down a hand before the flop, there is no rake.

Limits range from $0.05/$0.10 to $50/$100, and during the peak hours you will find plenty of action at the higher levels, especially the $20/$40 Holdem games.

Traffic Quality
Just a few thousand players are online at Doyles Room during peak hours, as this online poker room is a bit of a newcomer. Expect that to increase, however, with Doyle's affiliation with Pam Anderson and her new room. Tournaments are plentiful and seem to be one of the bigger draws, especially with the bounty events offered.
No Limit Holdem, Limit Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha, Limit Omaha, Omaha 8/b, and Badugi Poker are available at Doyles Room. With a smaller sampling of players to choose from game play is more challenging on the average, and there is not much wait at the lower limits. The site navigation is comfortable and logical, and the colors and layout are downright homey.
Other Features
The progressive Royal Flush jackpot always keeps things interesting, as do the regular celebrity and pro poker bounty events. Proper note taking functionality is there for your use, as is a buddy list, letting you keep up with those poker players you count as friends.
Customer Service
All the customers service options are open to you at Doyle's Room, including a toll free phone number if you need assistance right away. A very customer oriented poker room site.
Latest Doyles Room news
  Oct 15 2006 Millions per month at Doyles Room
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